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HUB-New Westminster presents

Sell a bike - buy a bike - fix a bike...you can do it all at the HUB SHARE & REPAIR event happening June 4th from 9am to 4pm at Moody Park.
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Deck rehabilitation begins April 29 and continues until Oct. 3. This work will help keep the Pattullo Bridge safe until a replacement is built.
Drivers should expect delays during construction.
During this period:

-The bridge will close from the evening of April 29 (8 p.m.) to the morning of May 2 (5 a.m.) to allow crews to set up for construction work. The bridge will also close from the evening of Sept. 30 to the morning of Oct. 3 for crews to remove equipment.
-From May 2 to Sept. 30, the bridge will remain open with one lane in each direction.
-Truck access will be maintained.
-The bridge will be closed to all traffic two nights a week and one weekend a month.
-Pedestrians and cyclists will still be able to use the bridge, even during evening and weekend closures.
-Minor vehicle incidents on the bridge will cause significant delays and potentially a full bridge closure.

Drivers looking for additional information and travel resources should visit TRANSLINK.

If you have any questions or comments please direct them to ANGELA MADASKI: Translink



Given the high number of animals and animal lovers on the Boardwalk and Promenade at the Quay, it is important to keep you informed of Ms. Bourque.  This convicted Animal Killer, and resident of New West, has been granted day passes - unsupervised. She is entitled to two hours per day. Ms. Bourque has been deemed a “high-risk violent offender” by the Corrections Branch after being convicted in 2013 of causing unnecessary pain and suffering to an animal, killing or injuring an animal and possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose.

The Ministry of Justice, Corrections Branch has advised through a public notification today that Ms. Bourque “has an escalating criminal history, has offended violently against both people and animals and is considered a high risk to re-offend.”

For more on this story and to see a photo essay in order to recognize this person can be found at MSN/CANADIAN PRESS.  Also you can read a brief at 24 HOURS VANCOUVER.

CLICK HERE for link to New West Police Department's Public Notification.



There are many City projects going on at the Quay. From bridges and rail crossings to bus shelters and towers. What is your opinion on where the Quay is heading?

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In order to preserve the positive brand image and patron experience, the Quayside Community Board (New Westminster) has postponed the 10th annual BOARDWALK Festival & Sale until August 19th, 2017 due to Event-Overload created by the City of New Westminster.

(New Westminster, BC) The Quayside Community Board (QCB), Residents’ Association for Quayside, has voted unanimously at its April 27th meeting to postpone the 10th anniversary of the annual QCB Boardwalk Festival & Sale (BFS).  Festival Chair, James Crosty, identified multiple key issues to support this decision. The catalyst for this postponement is city council’s decision to fund another mega event in the Downtown/Quayside areas creating a possible ‘event-overload’ scenario. 

“Sponsorships, construction, road closures, emergency management, logistics, Pattullo closures, crowd control and the severely limited parking from the loss of spaces due to both the Bosa development and removal of the parkade – only skims the surface of the possible logistical nightmare foreseen with the addition of the Piknic Electronic (PE) at Pier Park.” highlights James Crosty.  Continuing Crosty notes,  ”With a purported 90,000 attendees [RECORD*] at the Food Truck event, an attendance of 10,000 at the QCB BFS and now an estimated 4,200 to attend the PE, that’s 104,200 people – nearly twice the entire population of New Westminster – in this compact and highly disrupted area.”

Sources tell the BFS that the city has been planning the PE since the summer of 2015 and not once has a city official informed the QCB.  Following closely on the heels of the Q2Q communications fiasco, the QCB is exasperated by this new communication shortfall which City Hall continues to exhibit toward the Quay and its residents. 

Further, the BFS is concerned the city seems to be creating city-sponsored mega events to compete against community.  “This practice seems familiar.” recalls Crosty noting, “The city funds another event - Uptown Live! and scheduled it on the same date and time as the 12th Street Music Festival.”  Where is the value in Council attracting thousands who pop in for a gourmet hot dog or some house music then leave until the next mega event?  

The Festival Chair wishes to correct Councillor Harpers perception that the BFS is “…just a garage sale” and the comment by Councillor Trentadue who said the PE is “…not in competition with the BFS”.

Had either attended our BFS in the past nine years,  they might have noticed that the BFS in recent years has become one of the largest music festivals in NW, raised significant money for local charities, kept tens-of-thousands of items out of landfills, was geared to all age groups, provided exposure for area businesses, politicians and not-for-profits to promote their causes; the City of New West, MP Julian, MLA Darcy and New West Environmental Partners to name a few, hosted several food trucks before there was a food truck event, provided a venue for our Royal New Westminster Regiment, produced a tourism-worthy event that attracted 10,000 people to the Promenade and brought a bustling business to many area shops at River Market/Front Street/Shops At New West on the day of the event.  Without mentioning the bagpipers, pet centres, mascots, clowns and belly dancers – the QCB thinks these elements make the BFS significantly more than… just a garage sale! 

Contrary to some opinions, sponsorship has been impacted by the addition of city events.  These limited sponsorship resources, whether corporate or media, know it is in their ‘best interest’ to support city events and in doing so are forced to reduce contributions to smaller community events. 

The QCB acknowledges efforts made by PE organizers to move their date once they were made aware of the conflict.  The QCB was disappointed that council did not take advantage of this offer, especially in light that the PE might not take place [RECORD**].

In conclusion, the QCB believes, “On the same day, at the same time and in the same geographical area – the city is creating what will be an ‘event-overload’.  The QCB has decided not to exacerbate the situation further and preserve our positive brand image with our patrons.  “This was a tough decision for the QCB to make, but given the information available it was the right conclusion for our patrons, volunteers and community.  Meanwhile, the QCB continues working on producing the 10th annual BFS for August 19th, 2017.” concludes Crosty.
If you have a comment on the postponement of the BFS, the QCB encourages you to contact City Hall:
Mayor Cote, jcote@newwestcity.ca , Councilors:  Harper,  bharper@newwestcity.ca ,  McEvoy,  jmcevoy@newwestcity.ca , Williams, lwilliams@newwestcity.ca ,Puchmayr, cpuchmayr@newwestcity.ca, Johnston, pjohnstone@newwestcity.ca ,   Trentadue, mtrentadue@newwestcity.ca

*Food Truck Festival to attract 90,000 people: http://www.newwestrecord.ca/news/new-west-food-truck-fest-exceeds-expectations-1.2040267
**Organizers should know in the next two to three weeks whether or not Piknic Elektronic will go ahead as planned this August depending on if they’re able to secure musicians for the event. - See more at: http://www.newwestrecord.ca/news/montreal-piknic-may-come-to-pier-park-1.2252734#sthash.e2DO7zev.dpuf

Quayside Community Board

Your Residents' Association...and so much more!

The QUAYSIDE COMMUNITY BOARD (QCB) is comprised of one delegate and one alternate from eighteen of eighteen residential buildings in the geographical location known as 'The Quayside' in New Westminster, BC, Canada. The group of dedicated members represent just over 2200 units and an estimated 4500 plus individual residents in this close-knit community. QUAYSIDE is a jewel on the Fraser River and the board is dedicated to keeping it as such. Meeting on the last Wednesday of each month, this board works on issues and matters related to the well-being of their community. In addition, the board works with local and surrounding businesses to ensure that the members of the overall community continue to live in an area that is clean ,safe, managed growth and above all enjoyable.

The Quayside Community Board is devoted to: Representing Residents,
Community Issues, Assisting Strata Corporations, Housing Cooperatives and Community Planning for the Quayside area.


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